Monday, September 13, 2010

Unexpected Waffles (beginning of a short story)

ts okay you know.
Its okay for there to be quiet.  I relax in the silence that your space provides.  Looking out of the window and seeing the rain and fog in the early morning, settling into the makeshift bed in the middle of the space where you create, I feel hidden.  Not ready to get up and make my way in the world that has been created for me. I turn and look at you with your funny face and strong arms.  You seem so strange sometimes, and I am curious about who you are.  But I am glad for you just to be here, just to be who you are, whoever that may be.  I know it is what it is and nothing more, but I appreciate this little thing.  This little space.  This silence.  The rain against the window and the unexpected waffles.

BBBBRRRRRRRIIIING! The alarm sounded and she turned to grab her phone.  5:30am.  Stretching she turned on the light and sat up in bed.  She regarded the pills on the bedside table with irritation, reached for the glass to get water, then thought better of it and turned to get 15 more minutes of sleep . . .

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