Monday, June 20, 2011

Mimosas, Comfy Japanese Seating, and Revolutionary Suicide: my weekend in 4 Acts

So this weekend I had a lovely brunch with some lovely ladies. We talked about boys and colonics, not necessarily in that order.  Oh yes, there were mimosas as well.  Look at how pretty we are:

Oh here is another one with more of us:

Then I went home to take a bit of a nappy poo.  Alcohol, even mimosas, are a depressant, dontcha know.  When I woke up I texted the bff.  I told him I needed to see him today, he said he had a shoot in an hour, but I should come.  Psssh! really? But I didn't have any other plans so I went for what I thought was just going to be a short visit.  We just hung out, he on the computer me drinking a smidge of Jack Honey on one of the big round circular chairs.  (What is it called? a papa san, piesan, well something with a p and a form of japanese suffix *shrugs*)  Played some cards, video games; it was very comfortable . . .This isn't a picture from the actual time, but it captures my mood.

He never went to the shoot. Maybe he meant 9 the next morning. Or maybe he was so enthralled with my company, that he decided not to leave. Haha! For my ego sake I shall believe the latter.  I'm getting very comfortable with him... Anyway, good times were had.  The next morning I saw a great movie about Huey P. Newton.  Produced and Directed by Spike Lee. It was a biography, one man show type thing. Roger Guenveur Smith was brilliant.  He wrote and performed it. It was every. possible. thing.. Inspired me to get back to writing.  I love when art inspires I just have to follow through.

So I leave to go pick up the boys and go to my sister's for Sunday bbq for my dad.  As we are walking to our respective cars I mention how hungry I was and that he needs to have food at his house.  He tells me he had food, and if I wanted some I should have asked.  I tell him that I am always hungry and he should note that for later.  He says that if I want something, I should ask, and I should remember that for next time.  Funny that was the same advice the girls told me at brunch...
Left in a great mood!

Went to pick up the boys.  Their father was in for the weekend.  The youngest in charge cried when we left. He is missing his father.  The only reason this is of note is that usually he doesn't react like that.  Usually its the older one that gets all weepy.  But the older one seems to be more cavalier, not to mention he wants to change his name back to my maiden name.  It's funny how I'm way more comfortable with resentment than sadness.  When I see Justice crying, it breaks my heart. His father promises to come back soon.  I'm not sure how true that is.  Why does life have to be so complicated? In the van, I offer Justice a cookie.  Then I feel instant guilt because I might have just taught him that food helps take sadness away.  If he becomes one of those morbidly obese shut ins you see on the TLC channel, I have no one to blame but myself.

It is my job to make sure these children are happy. That is super hard job when some not so happy things happen.  But I have to remember that staying with their father would have created much more sadness and violence.  Gosh, I need a cookie. Or maybe a colonic...

UPDATED: its totally called a "papasan" chair.  I am brilliant and also a very adept googler.  Here is a pic of the aforementioned comfy "japansese chair". You should get one, your bottom will thank you