Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some New Years Resolutions

My year this year has been quite a ride. I like to look over my past blogs to see where I have been. I have accomplished a lot this year:

1. My divorce became final.
2. My divorce became final and I stopped being bullied by my ex-husband
3. I learned how to spend time with myself and actually enjoy it. If you get on your own nerves, how can you expose others to your poor company!
4. With my partner in business as well as in friendship, BrownGirlsWe is finally off the ground.
5. I have reignited my love for what I do. And have become even more ambitious in terms of my "day job".
6. I stopped being afraid to submit my work (writing).
7. Discovered I really have nothing to be afraid of and got some good feedback and advice from a great literary agent.
8. I met a few cute boys.
9. I stopped being afraid to let people in and I have met and befriended some really great people.
Word to Toni Minor and Kathryn Conner!
10. I have learned to keep my hormones and expectations in check. I sure hope my hiatus works out, word to Fred Sanford!

So for 2010 I have a few resolutions:

1. I will finish my book proposal.
2. I will submit some other work to other publications (even if its just to the City Paper and local market magazines)
3. I will become a more articulate self advocate at work.
4. I will begin my day in meditation and prayer for at least 3 minutes.
5. I will be unafraid of real relationships with men and unafraid to let the relationships go if they no longer want to be held.
6. I will love with my whole heart and be unafraid of getting hurt.
7. I will not rush or be impatient. (this will be really hard)
8. I will drink more water.
9. I will brush Arna the wonderdog more frequently so he doesn't get all tangled.
10. I will be the best me possible everyday.

So its a hefty list. We'll see how well I do.