Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stuff that happened while I wasn't on the internet

weight: 138.7 lbs
alcohol: tried some pineapple vodka
and am mixing it with EVERYTHING
food indulgences:  ramen noodle kick
medication:  0 lexapros but reconsidering . . .(had 3 anxiety attacks and been sleeping too much)

It's been a minute.  I decided to put back up the titles for how I start off these personal narrative blogs, just for those who are new followers and also because I haven't done it in a while.  I chose those things to keep track of because those are the things that usually indicate how well or not so well my life is going.

Soooo, I'm at a new school this year.  (surprise) Ahem, this school is great.  The people are inviting and most of all it seems that they could benefit from things that I am good at.  I think I am needed and that is  always good.  I loved my old job, but the people were kind of mean.  And I don't like feeling anxious or depressed going to work.  Upside, I had a great summer off with the kids.  Downside, I didn't work at all and i am behind the 8 ball with my bills.  It will all work out eventually i'm sure.

Let's see.  things in the romance department are going swimmingly.  I have learned a few things about myself.  I often can get what I want if I ask for it.  Opening myself up to somebody else is scary but necessary.  Also I have learned that absence makes the heart forget who you are.  no bullshit.  that grow fonder nonsense is for the birds or folks who enjoy playin damn games. (ahem)

Oh yeah.  I was in a play this summer.  It was at the Atlas Theater and part of the DC Black Theater Festival.  It was great, you can see some pictures from it here. I'm going to do the general auditions for LOWT and BTA.  I'm hoping to do a play a year during the spring/summer season.  I enjoy getting random extra checks for doing something I love.

So I was walking to lunch today and I saw two birds.  They were nicely sharing a huge piece of bread they had found.  Then one bird flew across the street with the whole piece of bread in its beak, leaving the other bird behind empty handed.  The bird hopped a couple of times toward the curb, but then turned around and pecked at some other pieces of trash on the sidewalk.
The lesson:  Sometimes you have to let people go they're own way, but you are never left truly empty handed.

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