Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sometimes I want to go back in time
bring him back through space
holding tight to his waist
in an intergalactic spooning position

brng back what was the best of us
scrape together the makings of us
into my backpack
and bring us back
all the pieces
and glue them back together
back from ashes and dust
back to life again
all 2 hours and 36 minutes of us

wouldn't that be a good trick

checking in with you
making sure everything's ok with you
thats a lie
making sure something disastrous hasn't happened
making sure a "i'd love for you to meet my girlfriend" 
hadn't happened
though it may have
and i just haven't gotten back from space
with my hearing working properly

When you have been underwater for so long
breathing comes difficult
and I find myself looking
for a familiar island for me to breathe free
another lie
I just miss you
miss what we could have been
or what my mind had created us to be

they say curiosity killed the cat
but I am a dog person
and I don't think I'll ever learn

even this poem was written in your voice

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